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Frequently Asked Questions

Stay off the lawn until sunset the following day when a pesticide application has been made.  If it is just a fertilizer visit there are no restrictions.  If your pet needs to use the bathroom it is fine to go on the lawn for a short period but limit it as much as possible.

Mowing the lawn prior to us coming is not necessary.  When performing applications 2 and 4 we want as much leaf surface from the broadleaf weeds in your yard to get adequate product on the weeds.

You can mow your lawn any time after sunset the following day.

Watering after a weed control visit is not needed (applications 2 and 4.)  Watering after a fertilization treatment will help to release the fertilizer and promote green-up and growth.  1’ of water a week is best to keep your lawn green. YOU MUST WATER IN ALL GRANULAR INSECTICIDE TREATMENTS!

Keeping your lawn tall is best for a happy healthy lawn.  3-3.5” is ideal.

Lawns are a monoculture, and it is hard to keep them weed free.  We perform 2 full blanket broadleaf weed applications a season.  The products we use require the weeds to be present to treat.  Please do not try to pull any weeds out prior to our visits!  The program we have setup will get the weeds out of your lawn. If after a visit you are still seeing weeds contact us and we will stop out and take care of it, no charge.

Yes, Granular fertilizers quickly sift through the leaves allowing you to rake anytime following a treatment.

If you received application 1 you most likely do not have crabgrass.  One of our staff technicians would be happy to come out and take a look.  Tall fescue is often mistaken for crabgrass!

If you notice anything with your lawn that isn’t normal, please contact us.

You can mail us a check at PO Box 26918, Wauwatosa WI 53226 or call us and we can accept a credit card payment. Also, as a customer you have the option of your own customer portal for payment and many other great features.  The auto pay option through our online portal is preferred. Call the office today to get it set it up!

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