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Locally owned and operated since 2000. Our technicians are State Certified and we have a Horticulturist on staff. During each visit our technicians will evaluate your lawn for potential insect and disease issues in your turf. Our products are golf course quality for optimum results.

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Fertilization Program Details

Pre-emergent crab grass preventer with balanced fertilizer.
This treatment is to stimulate the roots for quick spring green up. The crabgrass control is applied to prevent crabgrass seed germination. This application is a dry granular product.

What is crabgrass?
It’s an annual grassy weed that spreads thousands of seeds during its lifespan. Annual grassy weeds are tough, aggressive plants that thrive on stressed areas of your yard. Dried out lawns, thin patches, and areas along the driveway and sidewalks are inviting spots for crabgrass. It only lives for one growing season, so it spreads fast. Over time, crabgrass can overrun your yard if you don’t treat it.

Premium broadleaf herbicide weed control.
This treatment is to control a wide spectrum of existing broadleaf weeds in the lawns. We generally will do a treatment after the spring dandelions bloom. This is a liquid blanket application sprayed on the entire lawn.

What is a broadleaf weed?
The term broadleaf weed means weeds with broad or wide leaves and a pair of cotyledons, or seed leaves. Examples of broadleaf weeds include dandelions, clover, thistle, ground ivy (creeping charlie).

Balanced Premium Fertilizer
This treatment is a slow-released, balanced, nitrogen based fertilizer to help improve color and heat resistance for your lawn. This application is a dry granular product.

Why Slow Release?
Slow release fertilizer is a coated granule that is activated as it comes into contact with water, and slowly released over time. The advantage is you get a steady green lawn all season long.

Premium broadleaf Herbicide Weed Control
This treatment is to control a wide spectrum of existing broadleaf weeds in the lawns; the late season application takes care of the late blooming weeds and cleans the lawn the remainder of the season. This a liquid blanket application sprayed on the entire lawn.

Why two broadleaf weed treatments?
The late season application helps knock out the hard to get weeds like ground ivy (creeping charlie) and thistle. It also the best time to treat dandelions for the following spring. This is because the plants are transferring energy into the roots over winter, therefore the herbicide is extremely effective.

Late Fall Fertilizer
This treatment is the most important fertilizer application you will receive. It is a slow release balanced nitrogen based fertilizer that will stimulate root development for winter and provide you with an early quick green up in the spring. What else can be done going into winter? Leave your lawn longer 3-4” in cut height to promote foliage more surface area to store nutrients.

Additional Services

Reduce a year’s worth of compaction with fall core aeration. Improve the air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere and allow water and nutrients to reach the soil.  Aeration will improve the overall health of your turf by creating a stronger root zone and improving disease resistance. Add premium over seeding to thicken an existing turf and introduce improved grass varieties.

Stop the turf feeding insects from destroying your lawn before they even start.  Get season long control from Grubs and other root feeding insects by selecting Preventative Insecticide. 

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